Wednesday, March 13, 2013


ty-ro-man-cy (tie-row-man-see)

1. An old form of divination based on interpretations from cheese. Unfortunately, the method does not appear to have been recorded.
Tyromancy always reassures us that the future is gouda. 

Synonyms: beware of munsters, harzer days ahead, palmita reading, havarti dreams come true. 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


mag-nil-o-quent (mæɡˈnɪləkwənt/)

1. Of a person: lofty, ambitious, or pompous in expression; grandiloquent. Hence of utterances, compositions, etc. Also (occas.): boastful.
The Lexicon of Cultural Folly contains many magniloquent words, like bombastic, ideopathic, and pulchritudinous, but also some of a more humble and playful nature, like doohickey, gadzooks, and funambulist

Synonyms: boastful, bombastic, flowery, grandiloquent, pompous, turgid.